At My Tax Back, we get a lot of questions each day about anything and everything tax related. We have compiled answers to the frequently asked questions we receive every day. If you have a question about tax that isn’t answered below, feel free to Contact us at any time.

Simply follow the steps on our How it Works page and complete your online application in less than 1 minute.

It is free to submit a claim. You are not required to make any upfront payment or provide bank details. If we are successful in recovering a refund for you, we will charge a fee of 10% (+ VAT) of any refund we obtain for you, subject to a minimum fee of €26 (+ VAT). Where the refund does not cover our minimum fee, there will be no additional charges to pay.

1. You fill out our online application form which grants us permission to act as your tax agent

2. We will:

a) add you as a client to our revenue account and review your tax over the past 4 years
b) advise you of any other tax credits or flat rate expenses that you may be entitled to
c) if you are taxed as a married couple, we need both spouses to sign up
d) email or post any medical expenses and we can get them processed while we are reviewing your tax

3. Once we have reviewed your account based on the information that you provide – Revenue then process the claim and issue the Statement of Liability

4. Once we receive the payment – we will issue the refund to you within 5 business days by either bank transfer or cheque depending on your preference

Most claims are completed within 2 weeks (during busy periods or for more complex claims it may take a little longer). Once we have updated your account based on the information that you provide – Revenue then can take up to 2 weeks to process the claim and issue the Statement of Liability, but this is usually done within 5 working days. Once we receive the payment – we will issue the refund to you within 5 business days by either bank transfer or cheque depending on your preference

Yes – Revenue will contact you twice

The first letter will be advising you that we are now assigned as your Tax Agent – no need to panic, this is standard procedure

The second letter will be confirming the refund amount due to you, and a confirmation of the bank account details that the monies will be paid into. The bank account ending in 1062, is our Client Account, and this letter is a confirmation of such.

You can claim a tax refund for the last 4 tax years.

You have two payment options when you sign up with My Tax Back. We can send you your tax refund via bank transfer or by cheque, just let us know your preference.

If you are an existing client, then there is no need to re-register. If we haven’t been in touch yet, just send an email to – we will automatically review your tax records annually. Do keep us up to date with regards to any changes in your circumstances, so that we can update our records, and maximise any refund that may be due to you.

Tax refunds can result from an overpayment of USC and Income Tax. You may also be able to claim tax back on some expenses, such as work uniforms, home office expenses, dental or medical expenses etc. If your personal circumstances have changed, for example you got married or divorced, it is also important to check if you are due tax back. Please check out our What can I claim page for more information.

If you have worked and paid tax in Ireland within the last 4 years, then you are still eligible to claim.

Anyone who works and pays tax in Ireland could be due money back. At My Tax Refund, 3 out of 4 of our clients have been entitled for a tax refund.

Yes, you may be taxed together and not even realise and more than likely, you may not remember who the assessable spouse is in the relationship. We require access to the Assessable Spouse’s account in order to process a refund for you both.

We will generally communicate with the Assessable Spouse, so if you are jointly assessed the same review update will apply to you both.

We generally make the amount payable to the Assessable Spouse. If you wish to change this please let us know when we request payment details from yourselves. Please note that we will not request your bank details until we have confirmed your tax refund from Revenue.

Expenses such as GP visits, medication, A&E visits, minor procedures and surgeries, are eligible, and could be worth up to 20% back to you. Simply forward copies of your receipts, or prescription claim forms to and we will do the rest for you. If you have already claimed for your medical via your health insurance, please forward copies of the claim forms.

You can claim tax back on the cost of health expenses for yourself, a family member or any individual, as long as you paid for them.

Yes, and if you simply send us copies of your Annual Pension Statement, detailing your monthly contributions, we will assess the benefit to you, and secure any refund due